RJS1 – Month 2

a bit delayed. i’m writing this september 19 while i managed to get baby to sleep. surprised i was able to do it. she finally got fooled with the leave shirt technique. it’s actually quite odd that i am able to move around for more than an hour and she is still asleep. i just pray that she still sleeps through the night. had several scare attacks over this month since she had blood on her poop on several occasions. thank god that they were isolated cases. the most recent episode was her having diaper rash, we didn’t know the exact reason but we believe it’s due to the hot temperature at the office and she being worn in a carrier. poor baby. her butt has cuts. we were so worried that we decided that i will stay with her at our bedroom until she heals. cause it’s not like i can be productive anyway if she is not in her carrier. i did several things to try to alleviate the problem, tried removing her diaper completely and wearing only shorts. but it was too messy. we bought some cloth diapers and a larger diaper size. ended up using the larger diaper. it’s her 3rd day of quarantine, her rash is improving. yey!

she managed to surprise us yet again with her weight gain and length gain. so happy that all my efforts in feeding her is being put into good use. she gained from 4.2 to 4.6kg and 3 cm. she became more smiley too, interacts more now, and likes to be carried face front. she looks so curious with her surroundings and appear to like to go out like her mom.

discovered “the happy song”, not sure if this is the reason she is more smiley nowadays. she also put grew most of her clothes and her socks fit her better now. she still has a very adorable crying and happy face. these are my payment when i’m irritable. plus she smells so good! haha. tummy time was good, she cries a lot but can flip on her 3rd try and then afterwards but not consistently.

overall, the second month has been easier since she developed a sleeping pattern already. i only had to wake up around 2 times before really waking up to go to the office. only get to change her 2-4 times at night. we have been able to go out more frequently now since i am getting used to breastfeeding her in a carrier. but she prefers that i stand up cause when i sit she can’t feed properly. i’m too short huhu. still have to train her to use the stroller and car seat. since we travel a lot back and forth, the car seat is a necessity, i pray that she is able to adapt to it soon. still miss having my quality moments with my husband. we haven’t had quality time. my major worry is that we have been doing side sleeping a lot and i see that it is only by doing that she is able to sleep, if i do a cradle hold with her she doesn’t sleep. so it’s always a struggle to attempt to get her to sleep during daytime cause i can’t side sleep with her. i wish for her to be able to adapt to the circumstance whether she sleeps with me or without me… 😞 but more than anything, for her to be a healthy happy baby is my top priority.

lessons this 2nd month:
life will never ever be the same. i have to adapt and accept the fact that reiss is dependent on me. i have to be strong and positive. she is getting bigger and stronger but still fragile, i have to remember that. i need to remember to take care of me and my husband still.

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